Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Official City of Santa Ana Statement on Chivas USA

“The City of Santa Ana has had very preliminary and informal discussions with Chivas USA, a Major League Soccer team currently playing at the Home Depot Center in Carson, regarding a potential relocation to a new soccer venue.  At present, the City has not engaged in any formal discussions or negotiations with Chivas, USA for these purposes.  In the event, the City were to pursue formal negotiations with any major league sports team to relocate to our community, we would ensure that all residents, neighborhood associations and other stakeholders would be properly notified and would have an opportunity to participate in the process.”

The above statement was issued by interim City Manager Paul Walters on June 21, 2011.

Is anyone really to believe that The City of Santa Ana would actually notify or involve neighborhood associations in the process to bring a professional sports franchise to Santa Ana?

We don't and neither should you.

The letter above was received from the City of Santa Ana on July 13, 2011 in response to a request for any correspondence between Chivas and The City of Santa Ana.

In the letter the Interim City Attorney Joseph Straka states that "meeting minutes, proposals, contracts, environmental and economic impact studies,records of ongoing negotions, of scheduled future meetings and the placing of related items on the council agenda." are exempt from disclosure.

Doesn't sound like the City of Santa Ana intends to either be truthful with the neighborhoods or offer them an opportunity to participate in the process.


  1. We'll take a stand!

  2. Then why didn't just send the items that were NOT exempt from disclouser


  3. Think about this
    In the last 10 years the Pulido/council has brought us

    Trolley project
    Renaissance/Station District

    In the right location or the right scale,with consideration for the City residents as a whole
    each of these projects had possibilities. Pulido's little man/big project syndrome consistantly screws up any hope for sensible growth.
    In the mean time the majority of the City continues to decline. Neighborhoods fall into ruin, becoming so blighted and overcrowed that many may never recover. All one has to is drive around the core of the residential areas and see what council neglect has done. Council, get you heads out of the clouds and into the core of the problems, roll up your sleeves and get to work

  4. Buck Johns said it pretty clear on the KOCE PBS Southern Calif. TV with Rick Riefe. "The City shouldn't be in the soccer business but in the governing business."