Monday, July 18, 2011

Reasons to oppose professional sports in Santa Ana

1. Puts property values at risk. With constant noise (announcer, crowds,vuvuzalas and fireworks), parking hassles, potentially rowdy post-game crowds; potential new families will think twice before moving to neighborhoods surrounding a potential professional stadium site.

2. Costs to taxpayers (You & I) in the millions. MLS estimates the cost to construct a stadium at $300 Million. Where is this cash-strapped city going to find that kind of money? Name sponsorships won’t generate that kind of cash. And once built, who covers operating expenses of such a huge enterprise? Us? Really?

3. Hurts local sports. Only Chivas USA will have access to the Eddie West Stadium, no one else. The season is eight months long. That means every program in Santa Ana will have no venue. None. There are no alternatives.

4. Creates traffic and the need for traffic enforcement. Along with traffic comes pollution and more cars mean more enforcement (police officers, cars, dogs, motorcycles and helicopter) are needed. In addition parking mitigation MUST be strictly monitored or our streets will be event parking. In fact based on the number of spaces available (2040) and the average crowd (14000), cars need to average 7 persons per vehicle to be accommodated in existing parking and that leaves no parking for employees or city workers.

5. No due diligence. There are (1) no independent professional impact studies and no environmental impact reports nor have there been any public hearings--all are egregious, deplorable, possibly criminal oversights.

Shouldn't we put our neighborhoods first?

We think so and believe you do too.


  1. Throw the bums outJuly 20, 2011 at 5:30 PM

    How is it that EVERY thing this council does or says does not pass the smell test. I tuned in the council meeting Mon, the first time this year and listened to that shrieking hag Claudia lying through her teeth about Downtown Inc, money, Irv Chase, etc. All the while pretending she DID NOT vote for exactly what has happened. Is she so arrogant and self absorbed that she thinks we will not remember how she voted

  2. Here's a good overview on what's going on;